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Choosing An HD Camera For A Fishing Boat

I have an unusual application. The customer is an offshore sportfisherman. He wants to put multiple IP cameras on a boat to record the action when they are figting big game fish in the ocean. I know it can be done with Heros but changing batteries and memory cards all the time isn't going to happen. I have a feeling that your traditional H.264 security camera will have an issue recording clearly with the constant motion of the boat rocking back and forth non-stop. Also the recorder will have to most likely be a NAS of sorts that just boots automatically and starts recording when they get on board and power up.

Any suggestions on hardware for this type of thing?

Mobotix! No pesky H.264 to worry about, on board storage, low power consumption, the cameras are built like tanks :)

Check this out.

Interesting, I would have said GoPro Hero cameras, seems like a solution you can't beat for the price and performance. have you seen the YouTube video "I forgot my phone?" Hilarious. Seems like anyone fishing big fish would have 5 friends with smartphones around. lol

After 5 years, John do you still recommend only Mobotix or there are other options to consider for cameras inside boats/yachts?