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Hide Camera From User Display

We have a scenario as follows: There is a bank, and we are planning to install new Dahua 3MP Eco series IPC together with Dahua NVR5832

One of the camera will be installed in a strong room which they would not like it to appear on the user (staff) screen which will be either connected via hdmi or vga cable. Is it possible to have such a setup?

Yes, you can do that

So an admin sets up a specific user account for that machine and then adjust the permissions for that user not to see the strong room camera?

Thanks .

May I have the settings ?

If you go into the accounts sub menu, there is a user account named "default" This is basically the user account when noone is logged into the DVR. Simply uncheck any of the channels that you dont want to be seen. The boxes that say "monitor channel" are the ones you want to focus on. So when noone is logged into the DVR, whichever camera you unchecked will not be visible up on the monitor. Then when an admin logs in, the camera will be visible.