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Any Article On The Various Sensors Used In The Video Industry ?

I wanted to understand the differences between various sensors used in the video industry.

CCD, CMOS, Seawolf Sensor and any other sensor predominant here. What are the Pros and cons that come with these, the cost implications etc.


Good question. We don't write a lot about sensors mainly because we do not see them having a major impact on surveillance camera buying decisions.

A few reasons for this:

  • Most cameras do not disclose the sensor manufacturer nor model number so it's hard to even know what the sensor is besides its size (1/2", 1/3", 1/4", etc.)
  • Pixim, with their Seawolf and Orca offerings, were the exception in terms of companies actively marketing a sensor / system brand. However, since Pixim was acquired by Sony, they have not released a next generation, making their existing offerings dated.
  • Imager processing, done on the chip / encoder, is increasingly having a bigger impact on performance than the imager itself. This is particularly critical for low light optimizations. See our post - Why Imager Size Is NOT Key To Low Light.

I am happy to talk more about this and look forward to other's input but unless one is actually manufacturing their own cameras, examining / investigating sensors has limited upside.

Here's an inhouse article that I think you might like...