Client Wants CCTV Coverage Of A Small Parking Area For Rental Flats

Size is approx 8 meter's by 22 meter's. The camera is to be mounted on a pole in the back corner approx 5 meters high. The only light will be a floodlight on the pole. As all the units are rented we will need to record to an SD card however the big issue is how to view the images. We could run a fly lead down the pole that he could connect to but he would prefer a wireless camera that he can connect to via a smartphone or tablet. Realistic product available to choose from is Hikvision Bosch/ IR Lab /Sony/Panasonic or Axis. Image stabilization shouldn't be a problem as pole will be solidly mounted against a fence and area is well sheltered from worst of winds. Recording time should be no longer than a week with probably a 64GB SD card camera on motion detect.

FLIR poster

FLIR FX with the optional outdoor enclosure should be a cheap and easy way. If there's wifi, it could be cloud recorded. Just add power!


Michael -

When you say "wireless", I am assuming you mean local/wifi, as the alternative was running a cable down the pole.

IMO what you want is a standard IP camera of your choosing, and a wifi bridge. Ubiquiti is the popular choice for this sort of thing, but there are dozens of options. If you have a wifi network at some sort of an administration building nearby you may be able to use a bridge and actually link the camera directly to the existing wifi network so that it can be accessed from the office.

If you have an office and the pole in close proximity to each other with decent line of sight you can use a pair of wifi devices, like the Ubiquiti Nanostation to setup a simple point to point network.

If there is no building and it's just a stand-alone camera, then you can use one of the Ubiquiti devices in Access Point mode to create a simple wifi LAN that is easy to connect to. I would suggest making it password protected, not broadcasting the SSID, and also make the SSIC something boring like "Mums Router" so that if anyone does see the SSID it doesn't draw attention the way "SecurityCamNetwork" would.

You may have a problem covering such a small area without getting blindspots under the camera, though the mounting height does work in your favor.

How is power to the camera supplied?

Is video to be retrieved from the camera onsite, or remotely?

You don't need to restrict yourself to a camera with built in WiFi. You could simply add a wireless bridge to any wired camera. We have used UBNT Nanostation Locos for this purpose. It's a cheap, easy way to add WiFi connections to any IP camera.

Hi thanks for the feedback power will be supplied as a floodlight will be mounted on the pole as well. It is a residential area and I was told that the clients father may have a flat close by with line of sight so I was hoping I could use a point to point solution but apparently that is not the case. I understand I can use a wireless camera into a wireless router all in a sealed box that we can connect to but want to use the simplest process possible on the basis that leaves the least things to go wrong

No need for a router, just the Nanostation Loco I mentioned before. While you could set it up as a router, all you need is just bridge mode. You only need one at the pole and then a laptop within range to connect thru the Loco to the camera.