Has Anyone Tested Hikvision Ds-2df8223i-Ael(W)?

I was thinking about purchasing these units for hill top weather survelliance for remote site,any input appreciated.

We have put 10 of these in at a Logistics company to cover various parts of their yard & storage facilities. At this stage we are very happy with the results. We have 3 that are on solar power that are giving us some grief as they are 24V AC were as everything else is 12V DC.

Picture wise these are excellent cameras. We get full colour 24x7 as there is sufficient ambient lighting. One failed in the first week & was replaced without issue by our supplier. Two cameras move to an alternate parking postion each night & return to their usual day position each morning without hiccup.

We are using Synology Surveillance Station to manage the cameras & this works fine from the users viewpoint as they just need to PTZ & replay footage. No complaints on this to date.


We have 3 that are on solar power that are giving us some grief as they are 24V AC were as everything else is 12V DC.

You can use the Camswitch Mobile from Veracity to make POE+ out of 12v.

Can that unit supply 60watts to a single port?

Remind me not to use 123 Security for spec sheets ever again.

From Hikvision Europe

Maybe the Wiper is 30 Watts?

It may work as I don't see a max power per port only a total power number. Looks like a useful product thanks for sharing.

Total device power budget up to 80 watts (see manual)

The units come with a 60W output PoE injector but that needs 240V AC input.

The IEEE PoE standards are for DC output though.

On the applications page for Camswitch it has:


Re-use legacy low voltage power supplies. Contact Veracity for 24VAC applications.

I will contact the local distributor to find out just what that means.

3x60=180W max draw is a lot for solar, even if it's really only half of that,no?

What kind of panel are you using, and what solar band are you in?

The cameras will only draw 60W when heater is on & PTZ in use. In idle mode they draw less than 1 amp. Not all cameras are on the one solar setup. We have a 150AH battery with a 140w panel at this stage. But the existing inverter is pulling too many amps which is killing the battery. We are testing some different ways of getting 24V AC & 12VDC for the various pieces of equipment


A bit off topic but, Interested to know how many cams you have hooked up to each solar panel and what brand you are using. I was always wondering what other integrators were using.