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Help. Visible Red Intrusion Lasers. Like The Movies.

I want to use some red visible lasers to fake an alarm curtain over an all glass wine room. Got any ideas?

You mean like this?

You mean like this?

Or this?

Does such a system really exist? I've only ever heard it in movies.

That said, it might be an interesting deterrent to the casual criminal, like the fake TV.

FakeTV actually looks like something that could work well as a deterant, as long as thieves don't get too close to the window at which point they'll realize there's no sound coming from the "set", although you could say its possible someone would be listening using a headset in a darkened house late in the evening.

You need a smoke generator or some other misting device fir the lazers to reflect off the suspended particles in the air.

By "fake an alarm," am I to understand that it needn't beep when interrupted?

Some carpenter levels can project either a line or a fan beam, or you can look for all the trappings of a dummy security system.

See your local DJ shop or Guitar Center. Please read warnings about damage to your retina.


American DJ has some pretty cool stuff...

I have a couple of their laser 'gobos' type things that I used when doing sound reinforcement gigs a while back. But I don't think that they are ideal because they

a) usually have moving parts/mirrors/fans that make noise and heat

b) rely on particulate suspension (theatrical smoke) or C02 sublimation (dry ice) for visibility 

c) as a rule not rated for continuous duty

Also as you know, wine rooms must be temperature and humidity controlled, so you want something simple and tasteful.

This is is one way to do it on the cheap:

First purchase one or two (depending on how elaborate you need it) copies of the game Khet:


then a couple of additional Eye of Horus expansion packs:


buy a red laser  200mw or greater with continuous light like this:



Play a couple of games of Khet to get a sense of how the beams bounce split and attenuate. Design your grid.

Ideally the walls would be made out of brick or something that could absorb the heat, in case your mirrors slip. If its all glass you have to get it perfect!


Use foam tape to secure khet pyramids and beam splitters temporarily. Then using the lasers that came with Khet and theatrical fog, make fine adjustments. Permamently mount game pieces. Use a black stone as final heat sink for the laser.  Buy laser goggles if you don't have any.  Test out the red laser outside and get a sense for its burning power and intensity. This can vary even within the same sku!  Clean mirrors (and keep clean) on the game pieces!  Test with live laser and goggles. Feel for excess heat on mirrors. If you have any concerns about safety at any point, don't proceed with the live laser until you have addressed them.  You said fake alarm, but once you did all that you could easily hook up a cds sensor, like the one a garage door, to trigger an alarm...

P.S. I myself prefer fake infra-red curtains, they're way cheaper and safer if not so flashy, though just like the doomsday device in dr strangelove, you have tell someone for them to be effective...

P.P.S While we're at it I prefer this clip: 

If you build it, they will come. When the bad guys see your red laser security system, they will focus on what it is protecting. Now if you want to use that as a diversion, to get their attention off what is really valuable in your house, then this may work. Anyway, that's my thoughts on it.

I just ran accross this YT video by accident. He has a bunch like this on his channel. More importantly, you can buy cheap lasers from his site, Wicked Lasers (he gives the link in this video). ALso has other sources for laser-related stuff, including simple schematics that you can follow to build your own device.

Amazing Lasers! - LaserShow Flashlight! - YouTube

If you actually do this, it would be cool to see a video.

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