Help: Software For Central Station Video Monitoring?


I work for a security company that installs & monitors alarm systems.

Will you recommend a software to monitor cameras?

We prefer to monitor cameras like alarms.

ie: If the camera detects motion, send the camera to the central station screen and the operator is prompted to look to the camera and report the cause of the camera alarm.

Do you know a software that can do that?

Hello Undisclosed, do you have a fixed type/brand of cameras you work with? What are they?

Also, do you need to integrate with local recorders too? Or is it just video streams?

Right know we install Epic. (Dahua)

Clients have diffrent type brand.

Clients are asking us to monitor there camera to replace guard services.

We would like to monitor our brand and other brands.

We want do it as simple as possible. Only when camera detect motion to pop up to the screen, so the operator can take a look at it and make a report of the incident. (record the video of the motion to server).

Where to begin

There are two primary companies that are doing video-centric central station software.

The oldest is SureView, with their Immix product. Most central stations use Immix alongside an automation platform like BOLD Manitou, MicroKey, etc., but it can be used stand-alone if you're not trying to do traditional burg/fire monitoring.

The other primary company is iViewNow.

Pricing for both options varies between the monthly per-device cost, initial setup, etc.

Immix is probably the more robust platform, iViewNow is a little cheaper and sometimes easier to work with.

You're going to have a rough go of it (IMO) doing motion-based monitoring. You will get LOTS and LOTS of false alarms. Some products are also better than others at generating alerts that can be easily routed into some kind of automation platform. You may need to resort to kludgey stuff like hooking digital outputs into an alarm panel and receiving the event via the alarm panel.

I'd suggest going to the upcoming ESX show in Baltimore, which revolves around much of what you want to do.

Thank you.

I will take look on both software.

I'll second the use of Immix. We use it as a standalone deployment in our monitoring room and are monitoring around 250 sites. They have a ton of integrations and fairly easy to configure. Like undisclosed B said, pure motion alarms will generate a lot of falses. We've moved to getting our alarms from some type of analytics to reduce events.

Thanks for more informacion on the Immix.


Our Central uses IViewNow. Makes it easy for us.

Priceless, we have tried C4 but does not really fit a monitoring facility. We could not find any other product. We will give a try with Sureview.

Thanks to everyone!