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Help Selecting Cameras For A Huge Warehouse?

We have an application with a huge warehouse we are quoting. The main area is basically square, with support poles about every 30 feet.

I need a good starting point to quote this customer. The warehouse is 8000 sq. feet. We did something like this before, and I was not happy with the images that were above 50 feet or so.

Of course they want to see everything. Another lesson learned from the past install, is that when they open the large doors, and the sunlight comes in, it will change the scene dramatically for the worse.

The gray area for me is the camera type. We used domes mounted on a gooseneck mount on the poles last time. But will consider bullets cameras this time if those will provide better long range images.

Any ideas?



If it's 8000sqft and basically square, then you are looking at 90' x 90'. Assuming a 90° AoV, the farthest point in the warehouse will be 126' away.

With those specifications, a 1080p will get 8ppf at the other end of the warehouse, like so:

[note: We do not have a warehouse scene, so using a parking lot.]

8ppf is not much details. And even at 5MP, ppf only goes up to 10 and you cannot get true WDR cameras at that resolution.

Alternatively, you could go for 2 cameras, in opposing corners. Then the farthest point would only be 63' away. That would get 16ppf at the farthest point, still not great.

One way to improve this is to mount 2 cameras side by side, with 45° AoV each, getting PPF up to 32.

Obviously, this is all abstract. Are there walls or shelves or other barriers inside the warehouse? Are there certain areas that are more important than others?

Finally, as for your large doors / sunlight issue, definitely go for true multi-exposure WDR. It won't completely eliminate the issue but it will be much better than a regular camera.

Thanks John for the very helpful headstart on this project.