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Help Needed With Extreme Heat Resistant Housings

I need to spec and install camera and storage housings that can handle up to 140?F.

I know about and have had success using Moog in the past and they offer both the Thermiq (rated ‘only’ up to 120?F) and Igloo lines. Any other suggestions that anyone has had good results with??

I ran into a newer company at ISC, Armorlogix, that seem to offer some decent products to house the storage units but I have not used or heard about anyone’s experience using them. Any suggestions of successful housings for a DVR/NVR/server??

Thank you kindly,

Alon Hasson

Alon, I am going to let others comment on particulars, but a few background things:

We have a tutorial on deploying cameras in super hot environments (though I believe it mentions the options you list above).

I have not seen Armorlogix before. Here's their company URL and a picture of their NVR:

Heh, funny how you consider above 60C super hot :)We got camera's in our ovens which are about 1400C.
We haven't got any computers and/or NVR/DVR's sitting in these conditions though.

As for camera housings. We use our own custom made, but I can recommend Videotec. They have decent housings for high temperatures and are quite similar to our own.