Help Needed Finding Shallow Depth Electric Strike

I have a project where we have an extremely shallow metal door frame. Originally we purchased a Adams-Rite 7160. I need something that has at least 1/8" less depth to 1/4" less depth. This is for a mortise lock.

I am the polar opposite of a door hardware specialist so please feel free to ask any relevant questions needed.

So just to confirm, instead of a strike that is 1 7/16" deep, you are needing one that is 1 5/16" - 1 3/16" deep?

This is part of what is being confirmed. Cutout (opening) depth or case depth.

I understand, was just throwing it up for reference.

I think it would be case depth, not real clear on the terms. The frame is really shallow so if we were to install it we would be sticking out the back side of the frame. Basically the dimension I am referring to is from the back of the plate to the back of the housing.

I'm curious what Brian will think about the Von Duprin 6211AL, from Allegion?

1 11/16" on the case depth, so it would be 3/16" shallower.

I think you are referring to the backset (depth of the pocket). Trine makes a 4200 series Mortise strike that has a backset of 1-1/16th of an inch. You will have to check the other measurements to make sure it will fit your frame. Link

Trine makes a 4200 series Mortise strike...

Mark, I noticed that Trine calls out the 4200 for Cylindrical and Deadlatch, but the 4100 for Cylindrical and Mortise.

The OP mentioned that this was a Mortise lock. Does that matter here, or can they both work for Mortise?

No, you are right. I misread that. The 4100 series would be more appropriate and the backset on that is 1 3/8". It still might work for him, but it would be close. With tolerances that close, I might consider a maglock myself. He is going to have a rough time finding something that small. Trine makes the smallest I know of.