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Help Me Identify This Mystery Sensor

Attached is a picture that I took at a local Target. It looks like an IP motion sensor. These sensors are located every 5 feet on top of coolers and freezers. Dose any one know what are they used for? I am interested to know if Target is using them to measure traffic or any other type of analytics.

Thanks in advance

I don't know who makes them, but they're occupancy sensors. They use them to turn the freezer lights on and off. When no one is around, they're all dark. They turn on when you approach, and they seem very wide angle, as in able to see down most of an aisle.

Awsome. Thanks! Sorry for posting the same picture 3 times. I was trying to make it fit.

I spoke too soon. Google tells me it's a WattStopper/Legrand model FS-705. 180 degree coverage. The RJ45 connects it to the external power pack.

Ethan makes it look easy sometimes. /envy

Well I know this one because they only recently converted our Target here. When I first went by the freezer section, I noticed them.

Also my Google Fu is strong.