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LPR For Motorcyle/Moped Plates?

Hello fellow peers:

I wanted to ask the question if anyone has had a lot of success in reading scooters/motorcycles using a LPR cameras. If so, can you please specify the product that was used. How well did it read based on the different plate sizes, reflective verses non- reflective plates, off-axis etc.

Cliff, have you had any issues already? And are you trying to do LPR (automatic recognition) or LPC (capture for human reading)?

It would seem that the biggest issue with motorcyles is that the plates are smaller, therefore the numbers/characters are smaller, forcing smaller FoVs than monitoring for 'regular' vehicles.

Plates in most states are 7" x 4", so you'd need to account for about a 40% decrease in FOV width than standard plates. That's assuming the letter size is proportionately smaller, and I'm not sure it is. If letters are the same size, you shouldn't need to decrease FOV for capture at all, but LPR systems may not recognize it anyway simply because of the reduced number of characters and size of the background.

The other problem is orientation. Some states are horizontal only. Some allow a horizontal plate turned sideways. Some have vertical plate options with vertical characters. LPR systems could learn to read all these but I'm not sure any have.

I'll contact some manufacturers and see what input they have.