Help - American Dynamics VMS Support For Avigilon Cameras


I have a chance for a bid where the VMS already exists and its American Dynamic VideoEdge or Victor. I have no experience with these.

Does anybody knows if Avigilon cameras and PTZ are supported by this VMS? By support, I mean both video and motion detection.

In the supported cameras list, Avigilon is not mentioned but maybe through ONVIF?



I do not have experience with VideoEdge but I would be careful / skeptical about this combination.

A few reasons:

  • VideoEdge does list what ONVIF cameras it has been tested / certified with (down on their supported devices page). Only a few are listed and nothing from Avigilon.
  • VideoEdge is not even officially ONVIF conformant (checked here) which is a negative side.
  • Even if ONVIF allowed streaming video from Avigilon to VideoEdge, motion detection would have to be custom implemented. Tyco's other VMS (Exacq) broke this on purpose with Avigilon. As such, I doubt you will get motion detection.

Sounds about right.
Regarding motion detection it really depends on if the VMS does the motion detection itself or gets the notification from the camera.

If its the latter then I agree that chances are slim.

Regrading the Tyco position. Tyco is so big that I wouldn't be surprised if they wouldn't really know whats going on the the American Dynamics VMS.

Well, VideoEdge supports server side VMD, so if you can get the Avigilon video to stream in, you can just do the VMD there. Reference: VMS Matchup:Tyco Exacq vs VideoEdge