Helix Security System

anyone have experience with Helix? seems like a DIY solution but their videos indicate professional install with 24x7 monitoring. How does Helix compare with simplisafe? Thanks.

Here's the company's marketing video:

I don't agree with the novelty pitch of a wireless 'anywhere' placement. DIY platforms like Simplisafe can claim the same thing, and it performs well/reliable in our test. (Simplisafe Test)

It is a dealer line, which runs counter to the DIY appeal of a brand like Simplisafe. It is good for a dealer channel, but it is unclear whether someone looking to avoid alarm companies will buy a system from an alarm company even if they install/monitor themselves.

I found this $349 entry kit online that includes a Helix hub, 3 intrusion sensors, a PIR pet immune motion detector, and key fob.

In contrast, Simplisafe offers a system in the same configuration for $199.

Both platforms essentially use the same approximate RF frequency for a proprietary line of connected sensors, so range & battery life should be near equal. Neither offer a video camera integration yet, although Simplisafe keeps teasing it (they have for years).

{EDIT}: It looks like Helix offers an 'HD IP Cam' for $235, but the integration is unclear. Interesting! By spec sheet comparison only, it appears this is a plus for Helix.

Both claim app interfaces, which Simplisafe implements well, but no test on Helix withholds further comment.

Does that help?

Thanks Brian for the detail and very helpful feedback.

Yeah the Simplisafe's DIY concept is clear but not so for Helix. I meant from their description/online videos etc, Helix seems to aim the retail customers but somehow selectively lock themself in dealer channel. Was going to bring that up in a Helix training session at nearby monitoring center but that event got cancelled at last minute due to "lack of audiences". Go figure.

Anyway, thanks for the link to Simplisafe site which is $50 cheaper than buying from Amazon. Ordered mine and will see how it goes.

Was Helix a non-starter? I see nothing new reported since introduction... Interestingly though, it is on page 38 of the LTS Video & Security Catalog Q3/Q4 2017

Yes, LTS carries Helix. and Yes i'm working for LTS.