Heard Tyco To Buy Diebold Security?

heard a couple of people say this, anyone else hear? good move?

I have not heard that, but I hope so.

Tyco can barely manage their own installations - I dont see how purchasing Diebold would help.

They could pick up the customers they lost to Diebold when Diebold was over promising while laying off their most experienced crews.

Yes i know I was a on a job with a few of thier guys when they did the "lottery" layoff. One of the vest guys for their fire alarm section who was handling a 4 multi-story building upfit drew the short straw in the middle of the project. needless to say diebold has been permabaned for even bidding on contracts from the government agencies were working for that time.

nothing Diebold does makes sense to me.


Well now, isn't this how rumors get started?

Sounds like someone wants to make some money shorting stock...

Shorting DBD would be a fools play. Being in a limited ATm industry and suing Hiusong for patent infringementm plus buying Wicnor is a great play. Get updated.

I guess I should have thrown in an LOL or a sarcasm tag to make an (obviously) bad joke a little more evident.

But thank you for the update.

Anyone within the security industry looking to buy Diebold would likely buy only their electronic security division and not the ATM side (the much larger piece of Diebold).

DieCo sounds about right.

I like Ty-die.

Diebold trying to buy Wincor for 52.00 Euros a throw.

Looks like there was some foundation to the rumors - just the wrong company doing the acquisition. Securitas agreed to buy Diebold Electronic Security today


Selling the Diebold security side may now help the core company (the ATM side) acquire their European competitor--Wincor. Smart move by Diebold corporate to divest themselves of the smaller security side.

Regarding the electronic division sale, Securitas has been down this road before when they created Niscayah as their Integrator arm, then selling it to Stanley. Will be interesting to see how they handle this integration, and if they truly mean to stay in the integrator business this time around.

New post: Securitas Buys Diebold Security NA for $350M

Most interesting element here is that Securitas is bearish on their core guard business and want to shift towards technology now.

Btw, Securitas did not sell Niscayah to Stanley, Securitas spun out (what was to become Niscayah) about 10 years ago. In 2011, there was an auction to buy Niscayah and Securitas was outbid by Stanley.