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Hdwitness: Nfr/Demo License?

Anyone know if NetworkOptix offers reduced cost NFR (aka demo licenses)?

If so, how do you apply?

Have you asked them? :)

I forwarded your request to them.

In general, though, if you become a dealer, there should be some reduced cost or no cost demo options included.

No, John, I haven't asked.

I thought there might be a formal process, some paperwork etc.

That's why I wanted to ask to the pro's

Hello Femi,

Thanks for the question. We are happy to provide any volume you need of our expiring trial licenses. If you need to test a fully operational system with 128 cameras for 60 days, just ask. We are happy to provide trial licenses in volume for heavy load and performance testing.

You can request through our sales or support portal.


Thanks Nate.

I will send email