How Do I Connect HD-TVI Cameras To A DVR A Mile Away?

i have a current project wherein to install 16 units of HDTVI camera which has 4 cameras atleast 1.5 km. away from the hdtvi dvr system.

I plan to use fiber optics cable with transciever-receiver. Any suggestion or better alternative instead of using fiber optics? thank you

Can you get an internet drop at both ends?

Are the 4 cameras which are 1.5km away all near each other? If so, I would install a second DVR there, then connect that via fiber, instead of converting each channel individually. I would tend to think a single fiber run with standard fiber media converters and a second DVR would present fewer potential problems than fiber transceivers which, at least for HDTVI, are a less mature product with limited suppliers.

If they aren't near each other, transceivers may be a good backup plan. Do you have transceivers in mind? I haven't seen many available.

If, and it's a big if, these actually work they would be pretty simple and cheap, no?

4ch Tvi transceiver w/ single fiber run. $288 for the pair.