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HDSM Has An On/Off Switch?

After viewing the fascinating thru the looking glass picture of Mr E.Q., I stumbled upon the following tweet:

I'm sure every Avigilante knows about this screen, but do they all know that MaxImum Quality means no HDSM?

However if it really can toggle HDSM like that, then wouldn't an interesting transsaucing challenge be to run a small controlled test with one client and a few streams and measure the cpu/bandwidth before and after the switch gets flipped from Max thru to Low.

If its doing massive transcoding on the server then we should see quite a spike in cpu, no?  Anyone have any suggestions of simple yet somewhat representative ACC config? Anyone have any predictions SWAGS (Honor system please) on what kind of hit the cpu might take in various scenarios?

Also is the HDSM 2.0 version of ACC out? If not does anyone have any Beta-sauce lying around?

That's funny, it won't alliow download/install to an iphone... Doh!

Got it now, thanks. Just to learn from your understanding of the dark arts, should I be able to get some HDSM effect even on a system with no avigilon hardware?

Avigilon seems to explain the magic as taking place between the server and the client, right? Or is a necessary component of HDSM running on the camera and without that no real HDSM?

Or do the Av cameras function as a rather large sauce licensing dongle?

Installer is on the far right hand side.

For me your link is only allowing download of the release notes... Are you able to get full product, is it a trial?

Avigilon says HSDM2.0 supports starts with 5.2, which is available on their software download section.

I predict no one but Certifiable Avigilon Dealer can have authority to buy either saucepans or sauce. But, from your smirky tone hinting hard upon future results galore, you are not likely to attract the average Avigilonte, if at the same time you may gingerly wear their skin thin(ly).

Remember, You might try catching more flies on honey alone, but piling on with the vinegar will not help you (and surprisingly it can be violently gross)

Is there a blatant Avigilon field office in Belgrade that any (me) can pick up the ACC latest?