HDMI Surge Protector???

Hello, we need a suggestion on a HDMI surge protector.

Last month a client had some type of "power surge" and it burned out the TV that was connected to the NVR.
It ALSO burned out the HDMI port on the NVR!!!

The same thing just happened again today!!!
Burned out TV AND NVR.

Any product suggestions?

Thank you!

Are these on two different circuits?

It's usually uncommon for two devices on the same circuit to have a low-voltage interconnect like an HDMI cable get blown out like that, especially twice. It sounds like the stuff you see when you have devices on different branch circuits with a difference in ground potential between them.

I did find one on Amazon: HDMI Surge Protector, but I'd probably start by giving Ditek a call for something like that, they have a lot of low-voltage surge suppressor stuff.

HDMI is also somewhat prone to problems from static discharge. You might also try grounding one end of the HDMI cable if you're dealing with equipment on both ends that just has 2-prong plugs.