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I have a client who's server is in the basement with the local monitor on an HDMI cable, the monitor also has a VGA input. He wants to be able to see the 9 cameras on his living room, big screen TV (HDMI iput). I wanted to split the HDMI output from the server, run one HDMI to the local monitor and use the CAT5 cable I ran between the TV and the NVR with CAT5/HDMI converters.

I'm not sure what HDMI/CAT5 converters to use, there seems to be a big difference in price so I'm also conserned about quality.

Some notes, I'm in the US and I don't need to split the HDMI from the NVR, I can use both the VGA and HDMI from the server at the same time. VGA to the local monitor and HDMI (via converter) 40' to the big screen TV. I will be there in a couple of days and see if there is a VGA input available on the TV.

Any thoughts on either the equipment or maybe a wireless unit.

Thanks, Steve

We have a post covering the basics of extending monitor signals, but it doesn't go over specific products. The cheapest extenders I've used are from Muxlab and they worked well enough. You can find others for less, and maybe other members have some comments on which ones they've had success with.

Thanks Ethan,

I took a look at the website and it seems like there make everything.

We tried some Trendnet products couple years ago but they didn't work very well.