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HDCVI DVR Error Message "Current Account Is In The Blacklist Now"

Anyone had this issue? If so, how was it resolved?

What is the manufacturer / model of the DVR?

Can you share a screenshot?

When does the error appear? As soon as it boots up or?

Go into network settings and look for address filtering or such. You can restrict who can connect on most of the newer DVR's. That would be a "black list". I haven't seen the message but I've seen where to exclude or filter addresses.

Well I'm not seeing error message anymore and am now connected. There is no name on DVR. I bought it and 4 HDCVI cameras from Securexpress online to try out the HDCVI. It is now connected locally so I can view the cameras. I am no longer viewing the error message.

So odd, the error message is back. error message

Look in the menu's for something like this. It would help if we knew who made it. Not many around.

DVR Blacklist

I found that in the menu, entered the IP address as trusted but still no good. Then I realized I had added malwarebytes Anti-exploit a few weeks ago and I'm going to see if that is why I get the blacklist error message. My bad for entering the wrong password a couple of times lol. I'll keep you posted.

btw, the dvr does not have a brand name on it. I got it directly from secuexpress just to check them out and to check out the product. So far I like the product...

You shouldn't have to add anything into the list unless you are blacklisting something. By default the list should be blank on "whitelist" and "blacklist". At least that's what the models I am working with do. Sorry about the previous "undisclosed post" the mouse ran over my keys...LOL

That's good to know. Btw, I am still receiving the error message. Shutting down malwarebytes apparently did not affect it.

Well, I don't know what to tell you. I've been running a CVI device for a couple of weeks without these issues. Maybe a firmware update from the manufacturer is required. Good luck!

Here is error message. I am using and prior to that was using

Ok. You are using the web interface. see if they have a client or app and if it follows.

Yeah I get same thing on my iphone. I'm using iDMSS app.

Well, now you've run into the problem others have buying "black box" products. I have been using a similar product with no issues found and great images for the cost. It also has tech support available. Sorry I can't assist beyond this.

Just an update on this. I was gone for two weeks at which time my computer was shut down. Upon my return the "blacklist" issue had disappeared. Not sure what caused it, or resolved it. I had shut my computer down a number of times in an attempt to resolve prior to my trip, so yup, this is pretty weird.

I did speak to the Dahua reps while at ASIS who were just as puzzled as I was. They even offered to help resolve the issue. Thankfully, it has mysteriously been resolved.