HD-TVI PTZ Controlled By Milestone Xprotect Via HD-TVI DVR?

Anyone tried importing and controlling an HD-TVI (Hik) PTZ using up-the-coax controll via an HD-TVI DVR and Milestone VMS?

I just plugged in the TVI DVR I have on my desk to check, and all cameras appear as fixed in Milestone, not PTZ. I checked and I do have multiple channels configured as PTZ on the DVR, but still it doesn't show up in XProtect.

Hi Ethan and David,

Are the TVI DVRs working properly with Milestone and Hikvision now?

I had big issues earlier this year with my 7316 and Milestone software, just wondering if something got fixed.

Thanks very much!

Maybe you could setup Milestone to think that the Hik is a fixed camera in a PTZ enclosure. Then, I think you can send PELCO-D out the PC com port and to the camera's rs-485 input to control it.

The DVR probably also has rs-485 connectors. It is remote possibility, but maybe the DVR can accept rs-485 input (usually from a joystick, but in this case the com port) and translate it up-the coax. In a perfect world.

Thanks guys - running down what-ifs for a legacy coax client with a need for a few PTZs. Up the coax might be out but the RS-485 idea has merit - thanks UD2.

David, I looked at a couple of Hik Turbo HD DVR manuals and I saw that they had both a rs-485 out and a rs-485 PTZ keyboard input.

So maybe you could make it work end-to-end from Milestone thru the DVR to the camera via coax. But if not it shouldn't be hard to get at least rs-485 going from Milestone to the camera directly, running Pelco.

If you do, you could consider putting a real rs-485 PTZ keyboard/joystick in the middle. Then if the DVR's HDMI or VGA outputs are available, you could run the PTZ operators screen from that output with the input coming from the joystick. It would make a low-latency and smooth PTZ control with uncompressed, low-latency display. Could be worth it if the PTZ is under continuous operator control.

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