HD-TVI / HD-CVI Not Made In China?

A rather short list to assemble. Who are the top manufacturers of HD-TVI/CVI that are not manufactured in China?

Do you mean to exclude Tawain and/or Korea?

Mark, I am assuming you are excluding Western 'manufacturers' who are OEMing from Chinese manufacturers, yes?

I am excluding those yes John. They are still Chinese. LTS looks good and have a well-rounded product offering, but it is still Hikvision in disguise and still Chinese. I do not obviously exclude the Japanese, South Korean, and I would even include Taiwan. Taiwan legally belongs to China now, but enjoy a significant autonomy from Chinese cultural and legal influence. They also have a far better reputation with regards to human rights. There is Samsung and Ganz for starters.

"Taiwan legally belongs to China now"

Probably best not to get into a straight political discussion, but Taiwan just had their own Presidential election, something that is illegal and impossible in China. China does claim Taiwan as it has for many years, but China does not rule nor govern Taiwan.

As for what is not made in China, I am not sure because it's hard to verify what is or is not actually manufactured in China. For example, I've recently heard a number of Korea manufacturers move 'manufacturing' to China.


I believe you are thinking of Hong Kong, which was turned over to the PRC in 1997 after 100 years of British rule, yet is still part of the "special administration region" which allows much more autonomy than the rest of the PRC. Macau is also in similar arrangement, having been a former Portuguese colony that was turned over to the PRC in 1999.

As John points out above, Taiwan(technically the ROC) is effectively self governed and does not recognize any claims of authority the PRC. The United States walks a fine diplomatic line between these two states. I believe the official US position on the legal status of Taiwan is "unsettled."

Also, to mention that China may claim Tawain but that was years after Tawain claimed China, but after a number of years the PRC replaced the ROC at the U.N.

It's not possible to buy HD-CVI product without China making money on it. IMHO.

In case your objection was idealogical.