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HD-TVI DVRS - Adaptive Access What Does It Mean?

I have been looking at Hikvision TVI DVRs and cameras and I keep coming across the phrase...

"supports both HD-TVI and analog cameras with adaptive access"

Excuse my ignorance what does it mean?

It means that even though the DVR supports either SD or HD analog, there is only one BNC connector per input channel, so the DVR must auto-detect whether it is NTSC/PAL/960H or TVI and process the signal accordingly.

I figured it was an auto detect arrangement but wondered if the wording meant they had to be some sort of "special" analog camera with a thing call "adaptive access" Just clarifying the wording.


Just clarifying further so you can mix cameras with no problem ie 1x HDTVI + 5 x SD analog cameras or viceversa. I have seen where in the case of AHD DVRs and cameras that they work in pairs ie an 8 ch dvr has min 2 x AHD chs with x 6 SD chs you can't have 1 + 7. Only 2+6 or 4+4 or 6+2 or 8 of either.

So am I correct that full intermixing with HD-TVI and analog SD is possible.