HD Analog Tester For New Higher Resolution Cameras?

I was thinking of buying an HD tester, one that supported multiple formats CVI, TVI etc. Our primary use would be CVI though.

I know Dahua, I think HIK and maybe others are increasing the resolution on their HD cameras.

Is there any reason the existing testers on the market will not support these new cameras?

Hey Jay-

The way it works at present, in the way of HD analog testers/spot monitors, if you connect a CVI camera, be it 2MP, 4MP... 8MP, the maximum resolution these monitors display has thus far been capped at 2MP. CVI will cameras revert to 2MP if the receiver is incapable of displaying any more than that.

I hope that clears things up a bit, pun intended.

Thanks. That will work as we only use it for troubleshooting and possibly aiming.

If the camera defaults to a lower resolution would we need to ensure the camera was operating at full resolution once back on the nvr?

Provided your DVR is set to record the highest resolution possible, that shouldn't be necessary. However, it's easy enough on Dahua DVRs to confirm incoming resolution when in doubt.