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HD-SDI Max Cable Length Run With RG-59 Cable?

Can someone tell me what this is? I thought it was only 150' but I've heard that the newer SDI cameras allow longer runs.

Thanks for the update Sean, good to know.

A quick google search showed no "baluns" like analog video uses but I did find this "media converter" device FAQ

I am using Dahua HD-SDI. Just to be clear, that is different than Dahua's HD CVI. Just for kicks I went back in the warehouse and tested it. I was able to get up to 350' using a premade 100' cable and a 250' premade cable connected together with a coupler, no video degredation at all. The cable being used wasnt premium grade either. I tried 450' but couldnt get that far. Granted I was using copper clad steel cable and using couplers so I am sure that didnt help, but glad to see I got it that far with crappy cable.

Anyone tried using this with cat5 and Baluns?

Yes, my comment was to Sean. sorry.

My post refers to standard HD-SDI cameras.

Do you mean 'regular' HD SDI or do you mean Dahua's HD CVI or Todd's mythical HDcctv 2.0 / 3.0 / etc.?

The cameras we sell say "up to 100m" but I always let people know that is with optimal cable conditions. The technical specs of the camera should say how far it can run. You can also purchase repeaters to extend the distance as well. Some of the extenders have an HDMI port too if you need a local monitor for that particular camera.