HD Analog Shootout Upcoming - What Models Should We Choose?

We are planning a new HD analog shootout.

Minimally, we will include models from Hikvision, Dahua and Samsung/Hanwha who are the largest HD analog backers.

Curious what models anyone wants. If you have suggestions on models on things to test, post them here.

Hanwha and DW are using AHD, but anyone know of another manufacturer using AHD cameras? Is Everfocus? Are they still in business?

disclosure: I'm a DW rep

DW and Hanwha are the two most well-known brands in North America shipping AHD.

Everfocus is still in business. I don't think they are doing great. Side note: their stock jumped ~15% in the past week, have not checked the reason out though.

Even if Everfocus did have AHD, their overall presence is too small to justify testing.

How about IC Realtime and their lower-end Clearview line? Also there's Clinton Electronics and LTS.

Well, LTS is Hikvision re-labelled, so not a high choice. IC Realtime is Dahua or someone else from China relabelled, so same reason.

Clinton Electronics is different, in that they are doing EX-SDI, which is uncommon but also because its uncommon and Clinton Electronics is a smaller manufacturer, not a high priority. But is different, so that's a plus.