Having SMTP Problems With Google.

I have several DVR's/NVR's and Access Panels setup to send email alerts via Google's SMTP. All has been great for years. They all seemed to stop working. Has anyone else had the same problem ? . What are the best solutions?

Thank you for any help !

Yes I have indirectly. Not with DVR's but with our project management software. We used google servers to send notification emails from the software. Google eliminated those servers without warning and notifications stopped. It does peeve you off when it happens, but they do own the servers. Google is rather infamous for that. They eliminate software from time to time without warning too. Google Launcher is a good product (to me anyway) for my taskbar. Got a notice recently they are going to eliminate it.

Google changed their SMTP security a while ago. You have to enable "Less Secure Apps" for your given Gmail account.

Here is a link.