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Having Problems With The Axis T8414

I bought a number of Axis T8414 install tool last year but had to return most of them as they had failed. I am trying to figure out if there's an ongoing problem there and if there are any alternative ones.

I've had 100% of the ones I've sold, or known of the customer already had, fail. After having 4 of them go bad, I've stopped even bothering.

It's not even an Axis produced product; someone posted on the IPVM Linkedin forums back in the day the link to the OEM company/product page.

It's from Dynacolor, they also OEM another version to Razberi.

Thanks for the feedback!

Hmmm. I wonder if the IT-5000 users are having the same kind of problems or if this is exclusive to the units Dynacolor OEMs for Axis.

Are you using this mostly for IP cameras?

If you're only using this for IP cameras- Toughbooks for the win.

Laptops are the most popular amongst integrators we surveyed though also generally disliked. See: IP Camera Installation Tool Preferences

I have to agree, the T8414 appears to be a lemon. So far I've had to RMA 3 out of the 4 that I have bought for customers. The problem is they simply send another new one in it's place, as per their RMA policy, but I think we've reached the point where we should be looking at refunds. Do the 'lemon laws' apply I wonder?

Are they DOA or fail after x days? What fails? If everybodys fail the same way then maybe (longshot) its a single badly sourced component that could be field serviced.

Do any work 100%?

Are they serialized or have lot#s?

Well Chris, I'm not about to assign myself the task of diagnosing the problem - that is clearly Axis's responsibility. The point at issue, for me, is that a problem exists and so far has not been acknowledged or addressed by the vendor beyond their standard RMA procedure. I would be very interested if IPVM could contact Axis for comment on how they plan to resolve this and why they continue to sell basically a 'lemon'.

I forwarded to Axis, asking for comment on the device.