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Have You Used American Dynamics Video Edge?

I'm seeking advice and feedback from other integrators who have used Video Edge.

My initial questions would be:

  • Have you found Video Edge satisfactory?
  • Have you used AD cameras with it and what did you think of them?
  • Have you used other manufacturer's cameras with Video Edge and did they work ok, all features available?
  • Did you find that any particular switch worked better than another?

All advice and feedback would be much appreciated.

I think Tyco bought Exacq for several reasons. Video Edge being one of them. We've used it with the AD cameras and they are OK but we have not used it with anything else. It is very cumbersome and clunky compared to many more cost effective solutions such as Exacq. In the two locations we've used it we have used Cisco switches in one and the other we used some of the customers HP Procurve switches and in a few areas ubiquiti tough switches. All switches worked fine with the AD cameras.

I have only heard negative things from integrators about VideoEdge so we have not been highly motivated to review or test them.

That said, the people at Tyco continue to claim that VideoEdge will be the high end offering in their line up and Exacq will be for smaller scale systems. I don't get it.

AD / Tyco "markets" Video Edge / Victor to what is left of the Intellex customer base as the backward compatible product solution to view those legacy DVRs along with new IP installs with a single client. They have been trying to get it right for a long time but realized the erosion of that legacy base is so substantial that they couldn't rely solely on that hook

The problem as already noted is Video Edge is clunky, expensive and doesn't play well with other HW so the need to fill that gap became evident a few years ago and they entered into the OEM with Exacq. The majority of sales were the HVR and NVR boxes. It was simple set up and deployment.

Many of their customers however wanted to supply their own COTS servers so the necessity to have a SW solution pushed them to acquire Exacq. what's interesting is even with that product in their portfolio we see the Tyco strategic account sales group leading with other VMS in certain strategic accounts

Does anybody know if VideoEdge supports edge recording? If so which cameras?