Have You Seen IPVM Ads On Twitter?

I am trying to gauge the effectiveness of IPVM's ads on Twitter. This is an ongoing experiment and something we have explained here.

This is an example ad:

Finally, let us know good or bad what you think.

Happy to answer any questions on what we do or what we have found.

I have seen them, but I'm curious... Are you not getting enough intel from the stats that Twitter supplies as part of their advertising back-end?

When I ran some ads on twitter, I got really good data on what kinds of people were seeing them, breakdown by device type, gender, country, etc. I was also able to list twitter accounts of competitors and related accounts and see which ones garnered the most views of my ads.

Sure, that's stock info from ads.twitter.com

I am more curious about specific (qualified) audience experiences to see if it is really working (i.e., do real industry people see it? does it annoy them? etc.)

Btw, here's some snapshots from Twitter's ad interface for those curious. Note this is for a campaign promoting our account to non followers:

What I liked about this campaign was that for $20 I got 143 clicks to IPVM site, a very low cost per click for people who do not follow IPVM on Twitter.

Notice a lot higher click through and follower rate for males vs females, not surprising, given how heavily the industry skews male.

Notice the follow rate is much higher rate percentage for Milestone is much higher than for SDMmagainze but with far lower impressions. My guess is a far greater percentage of Milestone followers already follow IPVM.

Any questions or observations feel free to share.

I think they are effective. I see them when I log on. While they are not of particular interest to me in my role, I do appreciate the information.

Good feedback, undisclosed manufacturer B.

The ads are typically promotions for new major reports or courses. So the primary role is for getting people to read / join / pay for those.

However, the secondary benefit is brand building / awareness.

You could use Twitter ads to do the same to us ;)

What do you think of Facebook Advertising? I have clicked on a few ads I've seen that interested me. Mainly it was technology or a shirt that caught my attention. Example of one that caught my attention Link .

However, I noticed that when promoting ads, I would get a lot of what I would call "fake likes" from outside the various demographics I chose. If you go through various profiles, you can see these people click and like everything. Doing "Likes" is bad in my mind unless you are trying to drive your likes up with fake likes. Maybe offers would work better?

Also, the Facebook counseling program is a joke. They have a kid try to teach you things you already know and it is a big waste of time as they use vague settings, so you get even more fake likes, as that is how they get paid more.

We've done some Facebooks ads but found Twitter more effective for video surveillance.

Cost for the same size ads were similar. Facebook has the little side ones that are inexpensive but hard to see / rare to get clicks.

Targeting for Twitter was much much better, i.e. more granular. On Facebook, there were very limited targeting options (at best, I found was people who liked Axis or Pelco). By contrast, Twitter allows targeting to users like any twitter handle, even if the handle only has a few hundred followers.

Finally, I use Twitter a lot already to reach out to video surveillance professionals but rarely post anything on Facebook.

Btw, IPVM's Twitter handle.

Twitter is now disclosing how many impressions regular tweets get (in addition to promoted ones). Here's a snapshot of 4 in a row that show a range of performance:

Looking over hundreds of tweets, the pattern is clear - people are most interested in news about bigger named companies, less so in low level tech details.

Also, interesting is that despite having 6000+ followers, the average tweet is only since by ~1/10th of those people.

I am bumping this thread to see if anyone has seen our Twitter ads this week.

With the launch of the calculator, we've been running a more aggressive Twitter campaign. Here's an overview of the performance:

Twitter says this is a high engagement rate - 5-6% of impressions. From other campaigns we have run, this is one of our highest.

For reference, here's the Tweet:

Btw, just saw an access control manufacturer using Twitter' promoted account ad: