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Have You Ever Used HD-TVI, And What Has Been Your Experience Comparing IP Vs HD-TVI

Have you ever used HD-TVI, and what has been your experience comparing a 2mp IP camera to a 2MP HD-TVI one.

I have a minor project which currently has coax and it won't be worth it to rerun the wiring, so I'm thinking of trying the HD-TVI.

Any input?


David, we are testing Hikvision HD-TVI this week and will have more to say shortly.

The other 2 related HD coax alternatives are HD-CVI and AHD which we have already tested.

Has anyone else used Hik-vision TVI that can provide feedback?

I am setting up a test environment later today, and will be able to give more info soon.

Hey David I was curious how did the test turn out and what model were you using with what Dvr?

I have installed EasternCCTV's TVI recorder ED7208TEL and TVI-IRD2M42VF-G/W-2812 cameras. The recorder uses h.264 compression. The recorder is 1080P and relativly simple to set up. The cameras come in 720P and 1080P, I found the 720 gives off some odd reflections and colors. The 1080P images are crisp and clean.

For under 500 dollars you get a 1tb 8 camera recorder and the cameras are under 100 dollars each.

This is a great alternative for replacing a standard camera and recorder systems as you reuse the existing coax cables.

Regarding the images of the TVI 1080P vs IP cameras. I find the IP cameras are more versatile and give an overall softer image which I find more pleasing to the eye. The cost differences are huge TVI under 100 vs IP several hundred dollars.