Have You Ever Contributed To A Crowdfunding Campaign?

Of the 10 billion dollars in raised in 2014, how much was yours?

Were you disappointed in the end?

Poll added. I personally have, but not many. The last one was Flic, a bluetooth smart button.

I contributed to Tile, and that was underwhelming at best.

Professionally, a number of times.

*ahem* The Lockitron Failure


I have contributed to 1 or 2.

But I've since mostly sworn off kickstarter campaigns and begging for beta invites. Tell me when the product is ready and I'll happily consider it on its current merits and price.

Many times but none of them remotely security or even work related. All through Kickstarter. I feel that sometimes it is the only way great projects get funded in certain industries where innovative but risky projects would otherwise not get off the ground.

After reading about the QuicKey tool on IPVM - the key that opens everything, except doors, I joined in. Very low cost, low risk. I purchased a few of them. There were numerous delays, but ultimately, I got the tools, gave them to relatives and friends as gifts, and was happy Except for the 6 month delay, and the fact that I can now buy them elsewhere for virtually the same price.

There were times when I assumed that my $$ were gone, but my risk was less than $50. It was fun to be involved.