What Is The Difference Between A Integrator And And An Installer?

Im trying to figure out where we sit in the classification. What is the difference between a integrator and and an Installer? I may be missing things, but I think they may usually go together. I understand that is it possible to be only one, but most companies I interact with spec out and install the cameras themselves.


There are no real rules, but generally speaking, installer refers to a company that mainly specializes in installing, maintaining, and repairing one category of product (CCTV, burglar alarm, access control) and integrator refers to a company that can install many categories and make them work together. Trunkslammer is a bad word and is what integrators call installers they don't like.

Ari explained the terms well, and I agree.

If you call an integrator/installer a 'trunkslammer', it is a burn.

In terms of technical competency/work quality, it generally looks like this:

'DIYer' < or = 'trunkslammer' < 'installer' < 'integrator'