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Has The Long Term Partnership Between Axis And Milestone Come To An End?

We have been running a project since November with the Axis P1428-E and are about to demonstrate the new Axis Q6000 to the same Customer tomorrow.

We asked Milestone about support for the P1428-E and were told device pack 7.6 which came and went with nothing from Axis inside. We were then told 7.7 due on the 17th Dec which finally came out last night with nothing from Axis inside. It's not often that you see a device pack from Milestone without ANY new Axis products inside it.

I know the Customer is going to ask the question "when will Milestone support the Q6000?". There was a time I could confidently say that it would be in the next device pack but this time I am not so sure.

So this is the state of the nation where we are. What's happening in the rest of the world. Is anybody else noticing a trend or is this just a one time glitch?

For reference for others, here is the 7.7 release notes and 7.6 release notes. Also note, Axis supports all the other new P12 series, except for the 4K version.

I asked Milestone for estimation of support for the P1428-E and the 6000. I will report back when I get a response (keeping in mind that a lot of people are out industry wide the next two weeks).

Whether or not the partnership is strengthening or fading, it is very much in Milestone's interest to support Axis products because Axis, is by far, the most commonly used camera manufacturer with Milestone.

I was quite disapointed with Milestone when they broke the optical zoom integration with the Axis Q1765-LE recently. When the Q1765-LE originally came out Milestone's first device pack that had support didn't include zoom funtionality. When I called to ask about this Milestone appologized and said that in the next release it would be fixed and shure enough it was. Now I have updated the device packs to 7.6 and the zoom functionality is broken again. A call to Milestone got nowhere, the rep I talked to said he could put the request for included functionality on the list but they have a long list.

Amos, thanks for the feedback. I've passed it along to Milestone. As with the previous one, given its the holidays, I am not expecting a response but not an immediate one.

Anyone else with Axis / Milestone integration questions, now is the time :)

I only started using the Q1765-LE with 7.6 so I guess I didn't notice it was missing. Mind you, one would hope that the Axis Q range would be fully supported by any VMS vendor.

Milestone's response:

"These devices are planned for device pack 7.8 in February 2015."

In light of recent events, this question is officially funny!

More important, in terms of our earlier discussion, Milestone has just announced device pack 7.8. The top line announcement is supporting the Axis Q6000E hybrid multi-imager PTZ.