Has Eminem Become A Chinese Surveillance Manufacturer?

Chinese surveillance manufacturer spam is truly at the forefront of innovation.

For instance, today, I got a Dropbox message from 'Eminem', saying:

Here's the attached image:

Note: Those checkmarks and underlines are from the original image. We did not add them.

What do you think? What am I supposed to do in response to this message.

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Thanks! I am most gracious...

But seriously judging by this profile I'm assuming is him, we shouldn't be so hard on him, he is just a youngin' trying to sell, sell sell!

Tho sales may not be his calling.

Perhaps you have an opening on staff for a low-light shootout model?

Low light shootout wannabe

Real potential eh?


Ok, Chris gets the one month membership extension.

Anyone who wants to get in touch with Jeremi@h, his email is jb@arkhamasylum.com, give him my best...

Chris, I just want to let you know... that comment made my day. Thank you.

I seriously doubt he's a member of IPVM nor that he's getting emails via IPVM (e.g., there's no way to get member's emails from us).

haha... no i didn't mean to imply you are giving away/selling emails... i am thinking the individual might be a little resourceful and see member names, search them and obtain emails from company websites...

The strongest detterent might be simply send him an e-mail indicating that you are indeed interested in his product line and so you are handing him over to your designated trans-global liason for detailed discussions.

Wish him the best and then provide him with the e-mail for Jermi@h B.


I seriously doubt he's a member of IPVM nor that he's getting emails via IPVM (e.g., there's no way to get member's emails from us).

That said, obviously these Chinese manufacturers have built up extensive lists. I suspect at least part of it is via trade show booth scans and pooling amongst them.

i received emails from him as well, back in june and on tuesday... perhaps he is a member of ipvm, curious if he has emailed other members... he has his skype handle/address listed maybe that would be an interesting way to contact him...

First came Chelvis, now Cheminem?

I am pretty sure this person is being serious. Chinese giving themselves weird English/American names is very common.

I posted it for two reasons:

  • Chinese surveillance spam is out of control. I am really looking for any ways or suggestions to push back. Will this embarrass Shenzen Eminem or embolden him?
  • It's an amusing example of the type of spam being sent out.

Brian, that was a pretty good one.

Maybe the guy was trying to capitalize on Eminem's album release last Tuesday.

I would think someone other than Peter may have sent this for a joke because it is funny. Being the professional you are I would not give this any attention or maybe that was the plan all along? On the LinkedIn website they use similair tatics for there way to attempt to promote advertising in discussion boards, hence why I am here. Will the real Eminem please stand up ? Or am I missing something?

As far as his contact info goes, I think you should Just Lose It (ha ha haha).

Will the real Slim Shady please stand... oh, never mind.