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Has Anyone Tried To Download Info From Pelco - AKA Schneider Electric Download Center?

Just tried to download a manual for one of our old DVR’s from the Pelco site which then sent me to the Schneider site. It didn't like my old Pelco log in credentials and made me set up a new password. When I tried to enter my new password it told me I could not use the same password as my old password (never mind that it had just told me that password was not valid). New password set. Log in and click download. Here is the message I got:

Are you kidding me? I already jumped through more hoops than I ever should have had to and this is where I end up?

Yes, I have found the new download center to be a headache. I haven't had a login problem, but it is harder to find the desired documents & software, and harder to share them with colleagues & customers. There are Share buttons that make it look easy, but the other person still needs to create a login. Consequently, I end up puting the time into downloading the material and sharing by other means to keep others from having to deal with the site.

Truly ridiculous. Requiring a log in to get documents? OK I can stomach that, but then having it be a tedious process only to end with a glib “Oops…” message made me want to put my fist through the monitor. Plus what possible reason is there to require me to have some secret squirrel special access to download a manual for an item I have owned for seven years!?!?!?

Lol! Calm Down, Ross. I'd like to hit the "Funny" button a hundred times.

Good reply from Pelco on this issue this morning in my in-box:

Hi Ross,

We are SO very sorry you encountered this issue; the access error you received is the result of a technical glitch based on back-end configuration changes we made yesterday. Please know that fixing this issue is our number one priority, and we hope to have a resolution within a few hours.

Again, our most sincere apologies. Attached is the specification sheet you attempted to download. I can see you also attempted to download the DX4500 DX4600 Digital Video Recorder Operation and Configuration Manual 6-11, but at a file size of 16.8MB, I’m reluctant to send it to you via email. I will find a solution for this larger file, and get back to you asap.

So at least they noticed the issue!

I usually call support with Pelco and they are pretty good and I do notice they monitor this site for issues that come up and are proactive about it which is nice.

I have not been back to try it but here is an UPDATE:


To our valued customers and colleagues, we sincerely apologize for the permissions issue you recently experienced with the Buildings Download Center. Modifications and enhancements to the back-end of the Download Center are what caused the error, affecting all newly registered users.

We are happy to report the issue has been resolved, and you should no longer encounter any complications when downloading assets. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Thank you,

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