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Has Anyone Tried Out VMS Software From Azimuth?

While interacting on a different forum, I was introduced to a VMS called Azimuth Software.

Has anyone on IPVM tried out their software and can comment on it? Supposedly they wrote their Client application with the GPU in mind.

Mike, thanks for sharing.

On their site, the only thing I found so far about performance is "The software has been written using the Intel IPP and a licence for its use is included, the processing is therefore blisteringly quick, we think its the fastest VMS on the market." Is that really news? I thought a lot of VMSes use IPP? It's been around for years and I even recall using it at 3VR nearly a decade ago.

What is particularly interesting is their business model:

"It is a fully featured VMS for use in professional CCTV installations. With one main difference; its free and unlimited.... If you want support we ask that you make a single (annual) fee. This will give you access to the forum and our ticketing system. Otherwise you are on your own, read the manual."

But, holy cow, it's $850 a year for web based support? Yikes.

But, holy cow, it's $850 a year for web based support? Yikes.

Sure its steep, but the Azimuth Support difference is that you can really become part of their story and even pitch in and write the codes if you are good enough. This is self-service-support at its finest.

...with professional technical support offered around the clock as well as input from customers already using the system. What’s best, however, is that you can really become a part of the Azimuth story. As perfect as we think our software is, you might wish for subtle changes and we’re all ears! In fact, if you think you can write the codes that will improve Azimuth we’re more than happy to see what you have to offer.

Does anyone know who the software group that shelved the VMS product was/is?