Has Anyone Tried A 128GB Or Larger SDXC Card In An Axis Camera?

I've searched extensively on Google and IPVM and cannot find anyone who has attempted to use a 128GB SDXC card in an Axis camera. Success or failure I'd like to know if it's possible.

The official Axis response is that they support 64 GB SDXC cards max, but they can't say if Axis cameras will support 128GB cards.

Has anyone actually tried using a 128GB or larger SDXC card in an Axis camera? Please let me know. Specifically I'd like to use this in an Axis P3367-VE (5MP camera)



Do you just want to know if it will technically work or whether Axis will support / warranty it?

Related: Axis recently OEMed a special Sandisk SD card with 3 year warranty but only for 64GB.

Two years later, and still no one can prove whether you could slay a twenty-foot man. :)

Just want to know if it will technically work.

I have a P3367-V and a 128GB (PNY ?) SDXC card in a different device.

I'm out right now, but will be home in a couple hours and I could try it.

You just want to see if it recognizes it, and will record to it?

Yes please I would love to know both : if the camera recognizes it and if it will record/write to it.

Thanks very much this will save me quite a bit of work!

So far, so good. Had to format it, no surprise. Recorded and played a small clip without incident. I'll let it go until it starts to roll, in case it stops short or otherwise has trouble.

Thanks so much for posting this, it was a huge help! According to Google, you're the first person in the history of the internet to do this (or at least note it online) :)

Thanks, Chris.

Related, I asked Axis about their support / warranty / recommendation on this. I will update when I hear back.

Axis responded. 128GB cards are not officially supported. As undisclosed 1 shows, it is possible that they work but are not officially supported. Factor that in and, minimally, use a high-end SD card (discussed here for 64GB).

I tried a 128 Samsung evo SD card in a P1427 with no luck. Updated to the newest firware on the device, but the card was never recognized by the camera to format it or anything. Put in a 64g card, same brand, same formatting and it worked no problem.

Weird. Mine was actually a Samsung evo 128 as well, uhs-1, micro SD with adapter.

It said 'Unknown format' at first. Firmware 5.60.1.

After being reminded of Axis plain config by Ethan, I looked at the Storage link. This is what mine shows:

Maybe there is something to try there?

Scott: Just wondering if you ended up using a 128+ GB card in the P3367? I have one that's running short on storage space with a 64GB and I'd like to give it a try...