Has Anyone Setup Milestone Onvif Bridge?

I have the package installed on Milestone Professional. There is a Quick Start Guide that outlines the basic setup, but it is very vague. I would like to know to pull RTSP streams out of the Onvif Bridge. Does anyone know how to format a URL request string that would work in VLC?

We are testing it right now. Ethan is almost finished. We plan to publish the report second half of next week or the Monday after.

Ethan, please check on getting RTSP streams, if possible.

The following is directly from Milestone. To say the least, getting an RTSP stream isn't the most straightforward process...

The RTSP stream is in the following format:


To determine the camera GUID in an XProtect Advanced products or Milestone Husky Advanced products, open the Management Client, navigate to the camera, select the Info tab, hold down Ctrl and click on the camera. The GUID will be displayed at the bottom of the Info tab.

To determine the camera GUID in an XProtect Professional product or standard Milestone Husky, navigate to C:\ProgramData\Milestone\Milestone Surveillance and open the “configuration.xml” file in Notepad. Do a search for the name of the camera (whatever the camera is named in the Management Application). The line directly below the name of the camera will be the GUID for the camera.

<cameraid>Harrison Tunnel - Southbound</cameraid>


Oh, also, the very easiest way is to add the Bridge to ONVIF DM, go to live video, and copy the RTSP URL. It takes all the work out of it.

If you're unfamiliar, I explain how to do that here:

I work for Milestone.

Like other RTSP streams, you can also embed the username and password in the URL if you are using it for the purposes of embedded in a webpage or other such scenarios where you don't want to be prompted for the username and password. The format for that is as follows:


Thank you to all who posted! I was able to work through some issues and got this working based on your feedback.