Has Anyone Installed The New Morphotrak "Finger On The Fly" Reader?

I have seen the MorphoTrak Finger on the Fly reader at several shows and have proposed but not sold one yet. I wanted to see if anyone has installed them and what the "in field" performace was like.

Here's a marketing video showing 'finger on the fly'. Makes biometrics look cool:

We've reached out to Morpho several times looking to publish an update on this and the 'MorphoWAVE' product.

Unfortunately, Morpho is unwilling/unable to answer basic questions about this gear. I'm not sure if they are just tight-lipped for OPSEC, if they just don't know, or are just disorganized.

In any case, they will not answer questions like what environmental limits there are on the reading area, how integration and user enrollment works (how many times should users enroll the same fingers?), and if bad reads are a problem and for which situations/ for who.

I will let them know that our readers have questions and forward your question to Morpho. Perhaps that will spur them to respond. I'll update here if/when they do.

Perhaps the time is right to give it the "Franken-finger on the fly test"?

I cannot answer all of the questions that have been raised, but I can answer two of the questions.

1. Regarding resolution, the MorphoWave certification is for 500 ppi.

2. The MorphoWave Tower is intended for indoor use.

I will work with Rob Sprecher to get answers to your additional questions. In the meantime, the MorphoTrak page on MorphoWave can be found at


Thanks for the help John & Rob. I look forward to getting these answered.

[UPDATE] Morpho has been in contact with IPVM on MorphoWAVE. We are planning to release a post on it next week.