Has Anyone Installed The Divis DVR?

This DVR says it is a Tribrid DVR doing IP, Analog and HD-SDI - I have been asked to provide a quote for a customer that is using this unit. The existing providers price was "outrageous" - of course I would like to take over this system but I know nothing about this unit.

They have 23 cameras now - about 1/2 of them using audio as well - there is space left on the unit (9 Channels) and they are only wanting 7 added all with audio.

Not sure my pricing would be any better than their old provider. Your thoughts?

It seems to be a fringe brand and from what they show on their YouTube channel, pretty rudimentary software.

The only previous reference on IPVM was here: "you can find "DiViS" dvrs are made by TVT company from ShenZhen"

I am a little confused about your situation. If they have 9 channels left and want to add 7, what new do you need?

I'm assuming you are asking about buying 7 new cameras for the Divis DVR, not about replacing or expanding the DVR itself.

The first thing, IMHO, you need to do is find out which of the 23 used channels are assigned to which inputs. The 32 total channels should breakdown like this:

  • 16 Analog
  • 4 SDI
  • 12 IP

Also, is the unit a COTS server or an appliance? It would seem they have both.

The IP offering is pretty weak, NO onvif support, direct drivers for Dahua and Hik, but few other recognizable names.

It seems a pretty hokey system altogether, but if you find out what channels are in use for what, we can go from there..

Not to be all down on Divis, one area that they are far ahead of even market leaders like Milestone and Genetec is their third-party video game support. Shown here is an unprecedented level of Mario Bros. integration, complete with camera view adjustments thru realistic VMS slider controls:

And yes their copy, pointed to by red arrow, does really say "Stress out with playing Divis", another first.