Anyone With Experience With This Dahua 4MP PTZ?

I was debating on getting one of these sd59430-hn Dahua cameras for parking lot of a food store maybe 400' x 200'. Any knowledge or experience on this model out there?

Not this particular model but other Dahua PTZ's and I can tell you that they are very good both in quality of image and value. I have 5 up now at one location and the customer has requested another one. 5 outdoors and one indoors with very high ceiling. I love them.

I have the 2MP and it's great except for one thing, the dynamic range is horrible.

i see this one claims WDR not DWDR like mine, but i also see other Dahua 4mp models claim 120db WDR.

you may want to explore that if you need good Wdr.

What models in particular do you have?

While I don't have any experience with this particular model, I do have experience with Dahua PTZs as well as their fixed line of 4MP cameras. I can't remember a single issue that I have encountered with the latest PTZ I installed, it looked exactly like the same style as the one you linked above, but 1080p CVI instead.

The one issue we have had with the 4MP line of fixed cameras is a bug in the firmware that allows unauthenticated users to access an RTSP feed via a web browser, which also changes the camera main stream setting to MJPEG and max bit rate and frame rate. Here is a link to that post.