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Opinions Onsynopsys Integrated Security And BMS From Risco Group?

I am trying a demo version of SynopSyS from Risco group and is wondering if anyone else has ever used this integrated security software


I rarely hear about Risco Group at all. Sorry about that.

It's a PSIM so, like all PSIMs, I doubt there are very many people using it at all.

So far, is there anything you particularly like or are concerned about it?

We are a security systems integrator and have been approached by a number of organisations with many remote sites (at times running into hundreds) and currently being manned by physical guards which is a huge and recurring cost . The organisations are looking for an intelligent integrated security system (cctv,access,intrusion,lighting, etc)to replace the guards

Some general advice: Verify that the PSIM provider supports the specific systems that those organizations run. This is often an issue as there are a vast number of subsystem products in the field. Related: some PSIM vendors try to downplay that it is easy / quick to add more subsystems but this can be purposefully underestimated.

You might also want to consider central station software that has evolved into PSIM, as these are made for guard monitoring / video verification, e.g., DICE Matrix PSIM or SureView Systems Immix.

Let us know if we can help provide more feedback. There's a lot of potential in doing what you seek but it's also pretty complex and the providers tend not to be very mature.

John , I really appreciate your professional help. I am already reviewing the options your recommended from their websites