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Has Anyone Else Received Previously Used VMS Licenses?

We received our DW Spectrum licenses today via email, as usual, however two of the codes were previously activated the day before they were emailed to us. DW sends the codes on a packing list, which was sent by DW today. Makes me wonder how these codes were activated yesterday?

Has anyone else had issues, either with DW Spectrum or other VMS?

Have not heard of that.

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Did you ask DW about what happened? What did they say?

We buy through a distributor who forwards us the packing list email from DW. I have emailed the dist., but it is after their office hours, so I will be looking for their reply tomorrow, hopefully. If I can't get a quick response from them, I will address the issue with DW directly. My install is on the 19th (Monday), so I have a few days to spare. I will update as I know more.

Just received a resolution and wanted to note the discussion. I emailed the distributor and never received a response. After waiting 24 hours for the distributor to reply, I bypassed them and contacted DW directly. I received a response within 5 minutes with an explaination and a solution. Needless to say, DW fixed the issue as fast as I could have hoped for.