Has Anyone Actually Used An Axis P5544?

A couple years back, Axis announced the P5544, their strange PTZ/panoramic hybrid camera. I had honestly forgotten it existed until I was reminded of it in our morning class. Which leads me to the question: who's actually using them, if anyone? If you have experience with them, how did they perform? What did they integrate with?

I just checked, and they appear to be 'special order' models costing ~$2800 each. Yikes.

Well, it's a PTZ plus a panoramic camera so it would likely be costly (plus it's from Axis :)

On the other hand, it's indoor only (IP51) so it's limited in where it can be deployed.

I am sure some people are using it (it's Axis) but I doubt many and I still wonder about the 3rd party integration / usability from within VMSes.

God I hope not... its an interesting engineering exercise but shouldn't have ever left Q's desk in Lund.