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Anyone Used The Raytec Raymax Panoramic IR Series?

See Raytec Raymax Panoramic Series.

Being an Arecont Vision rep I frequently am demonstrating the surround video series but I have never done a demo at night with one of these being used. I am curious what kind of performance benefits this can create at night. IF anybody has personally set something like this up and can offer feedback I would greatly appreciate it.

Also, if there is another IR manufacturer with a product like this please share your experiences. Thanks everybody.

It looks like it's made exactly for that use case, e.g.,

And it's claiming some seriously long max distances:

One issue is price - these units are listed on Google for $1500+ which is similar in price to the Arecont camera itself.

Good topic. Let's see what others have to say.

Hi all,

I have some still images but these are not so "commercial" because the mounting height of both the camera and the illuminator was very low. More for internal testing but I'm happy to share.

Without IR:

With IR:

With the VARIO style elliptical beam patterns (also used int he new panoramic series) the performance of lighting for wide angles has got much better. It makes sure the light goes where you want it. A wide horizontal spread with a tight vertical beam is perfect for dome lighting as it prevents foreground overexposure and light leaking into the sky and being wasted.

Michael - if you wanted to see with your own eyes we would be happy to provide a loan unit for testing (same applies to IPVM)

David (Raytec)


Thank you for the great reply. Awesome shot with the three people in the illuminated scene. I reached out to you on LinkedIn and maybe we can coordinate that off the message board as far as getting demonstration units.

Also, in for IPVM doing a write up about this with several outdoor night shots with varying environments (warehouse truck bays, outdoor parking lots, any open area night time scene where the panoramics are deployed). If it is interesting enough or warrants IPVM's time that is....