Hartmann Controls Protector.Net Vs Viscount Freedom Bridge

I am looking for edge poe power access control solution. The two I have found right now are Hartmann Controls Protector.net and Viscount Freedom Bridge. Does anyone have any experience with either? Pros and cons would be appreciated.

I also looked at infinias but now being purchased by 3xlogic I am unsure if I want to get involved with them. Any other companies people might suggest?

If 'edge poe power access control solution' is the goal, then consider any platform that uses 3rd party HID Edge, Axis A1001, or Mercury Security EP1501 controllers meet it. And that is a bunch of systems! See:Axis vs HID vs Mercury Access Controllers for more.

What is most appealing about Viscount and Hartmann Controls? Those are fairly small/niche offerings with limited integrations, and that may be worth noting in your spot.