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Happy Veterans Day!!! How Many Veterans Are On IPVM?

If you're a Veteran, reply with your Branch of Service, MOS, Years In, and possibly a small old picture of yourself in uniform. (Or just Branch of Service if you want to keep it simple)

Since this is a Global site, feel free to post if you're a Veteran, even though it may not be Veterans Day in your country.

U.S. Army. 11B20 (Infantry). 1969-1971. Vietnam 1969-1970.

Not many pix of me during my Army days floating around. Pack room and weight was at a premium when humping in the 'boonies for up to 60 days. This is all I have:

I'm sitting on the gun turret, second from the right, looking away from the camera.

U.S. Marine Corps - 1371 (Combat Engineer) 1996-2000

US Army 1969-1971, MOS 7130,E-5. To all those that paid the ultimate price. God bless you and thank you. PMH.

USMC 1978-1994 (I-Level Coms/Radar/Air Nav) Electronics Instructor

Semper Fi!

Happy 240th Birthday!

US Navy, 1/62 to 4/66, Electronics Tech, (ET-2/E5)

Corporal Anthony (Tony) Darland

United States Marine Corps

0331 Infantry Machine Gunner

1st BN 4th Marines 1st Mar Div


My father and me at Pearl Harbor

Semper Fi!

Happy 240th Birthday!

USS Indianapolis (SSN697)(SN/SS) - 1991 to 1994

The Nuclear Attack Sub? Congratulations, it takes guts to serve underwater. And the Indianapolis name has been venerated since WWII.

Home sweet home for 3.3 years. If you press the CSI button and magically enhance all the pixels of this image, you'll see a black baseball cap hiding behind the huge noggin of the 6'5" skipper making me duck down behind him (even though I was officially standing lookout watch). That's me.

Not sure why the pic's not posting. Here's the link:


Found an ancient shot of me on the helm. I'm the guy trying not to be photo'd for those who don't know a submarine SCP.

And for you young'ns out there, that's not an Instagram aging filter... that's the ugly-ass green/gray insulated interior and shitty lighting of a submarine.

Did policy allow to lit cigarette smoking on submarine??*

I love U.S.A. !

*Serbia now can't even smoke in shower.

It was still the early 90's so the whole anti-smoking craze hadn't fully caught on yet and since the captain was a smoker, it was allowed in the control room. The next captain banned it everywhere except the aft corner of the forward machinery room next to the CoH2 scrubber intakes. I've heard that there are many captains now who ban smoking onboard all together.

USAF, 12 years , Electrical,EmCs,Controls Systems 1979-1993

Combat communications, Power Pro,CE

Great Tours of duty

Thank You All for your Service, Support, Committment to a nation where your still free to have an appinion of your own and voice it .

Lineman School at christmas 1979

Was checked UL rating of your Christmas tree bulb before flipswitch? :)

Good picture capture. (by opposite poled squad?)

Army - Motor Sargent 1972 - 1976

USAF 1975-1979

US Navy, 65-71, USS Robert E. Lee, SSBN 601 Gold

USAF Outside wire and antenna maintenance 36150. 1828 EIS Squadron.

Canadian Airborne SSF 1980-1989 Combat Engineer 041 and MP 811


USMC 1959/63 Soc Trang/Da Nang 1962 MOS 2639

Semper Fi

Happy 240th Birthday!

USN 1964 - 1970 All over the Pacific, 3-time Shellback (Equator Crossing), 24x7 Gunfire support in VN, USS Eversole DD789, USS Providence CLG 6, Interior Communications Electrician Second Class IC 2 (E-5).

USN 1991-1998, AT2, Aircrew/Rescue Swimmer

USAF 1991-1997, Iowa Air National Guard 2000-2004. Aircraft mechanic (active duty); computer networking & maintenance (air guard)



First off to all my fellow VET's Thank you for your service.

U.S. Navy Active 1987 - 1995

U.S. Navy Reserve 1996 - 2011 (Recalled back to active duty 2003 - 2004, 2006 - 2007)

U.S. Army Reserve 2011 - Present

Thank you brother Vets!

US Navy Seabees, construction electrician E-5, 31st Regiment Military Instructor

active duty 1975-1981,

active reserves 1981-1991

recalled to active duty 1991-1992

Thank you to all of you from a scruffy civilian.

USAF 82-88 Security Specialist and cross trained to Jet Mech

Army, 63B 88-89

If You served

I "Thank You "for the "Freedom" I Enjoy Everyday.

Thanks Vets

already posted

Boot Camp Photo

USN, USS Jacksonville - SSN 699 Shellback, Persian Excursion, Blue Nose, COMSUBRON 8, USS Rickover SSN 709 Plank Owner

A long long time ago in a galaxy far far away. A different millennium in fact.

Submarine Dolphins

Thank you to all Veterans and Active Duty Personnel.

Nice to see a fellow fast attack bubblehead on here Mark.