Hanwha Techwin Corporate Leads With Wisenet, Not Samsung

They are releasing HD analog. But instead of leading with Hanwha, Techwin or Samsung, they go with Wisenet.

See video:

The Wisenet brand is on the opening and every slide. The Samsung brand is only shown in light grey on white cameras. Hanwha Techwin is shown just once at the very end.

Folks, just pick one and go with it. Rotating among 4 names is confusing, at the least.

What do you think the "Samsung" ISC booth is going to look like from a branding standpoint?

We'll have coverage of it from the show, but I think Hanwha said it will be Hanwha branding and colors.

But my guess is the Samsung name/brand won't be totally removed.

Even in the Korean local market, the cameras themselves always say Samsung. I have yet to see even artwork of a Hanwha branded camera.

Maybe they're just working thru old stock?